Welcome to Mirror Balls & Confetti,

If like me you’re an introvert, the words “We are the quiet ones” will absolutely ring true.

There is so much to love about being an introvert. I began Mirror Balls & Confetti to celebrate creative introverts and the introvert lifestyle. I’m for the dreamers, creators, artists, thinkers, the devourers of books and the lovers of being home.

Introversion is ultimately about self-expression. This may seem contradictory if you think of self-expression as being solely about verbal self-expression. However, introverts express themselves in many ways that don’t require the spoken word. The introvert lifestyle is about embracing our capacity to spend time alone. It’s also about creating quiet spaces where we can design, invent, cook, paint, sew, write, read, think or meditate. It’s these ways in which introverts truly express themselves.

The introvert lifestyle is about adopting a way of living that honours, and never apologises for, our particular need for space and quiet.

The introvert lifestyle is also about expressing our personalities through style and design. Our personal spaces and our style should be a reflection of our tastes, values, and loves. There’s nothing better than coming home to a space that truly reflects who you are.

I hope you will find a beautiful and calming online space here where introversion is embraced and always viewed in a positive light with a touch of humour.

Enjoy your visit and I hope you’ll visit again soon!

Maz Durbin
Founding Editor

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