Create a luxurious introvert retreat for less than $200

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I’m a big believer in physical comfort equating with psychological ease. If you are an introvert, psychological ease may be a tricky thing to get a handle on sometimes. With our tendency to become overstimulated by lights, sounds, and interpersonal contact we are often in need of a quiet, calm and comfortable place to decompress and get our energy back.

Not all have a dedicated room in our homes where we can go to recharge. There is, however, one place that is common to most – our beds. For a relatively small financial outlay, you can turn this space into a beautiful, comfortable retreat and add a touch of luxury at the same time.

Go with calming colours like blush and gray. Throw into the mix touches of gold for a luxurious feel. Include soft textures such as faux fur and velvet to really up the indulgence factor.

Below are some beds for inspirations, and further below I’ve sourced, pillows, cushions, blankets, throws, sheets and comforters. Find something you love? Simply click on the item!

Here are some ideas to get you inspired!

mirror balls and confetti luxurious introvert sanctuary

Bed image sources (clockwise from top left).

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