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Given that as introverts we are also aesthetes, the spaces where we work, create, ponder, and innovate become integral to our daily lives.  Our love of beauty, the arts, and nature extends to the places where we spend our most valuable time.

Aesthetics and atmosphere are as important to us as good physical and mental health. My home office, for example, is a true reflection of my personal tastes in art, decor, music, and books. I feel I belong there because I created it. It’s also a private space, just for me and my thoughts.

Our own style is a deeply personal thing but is often born out of observing others. I would speculate that this is why Pinterest is such a popular source of inspiration for so many. It’s the idea that you can source, pick and choose, and perhaps emulate an aesthetic.

Whether you create in a studio-style space or a simple writing nook, the opportunity to create a space that truly reflects who you are is too good to pass up. It might be considered an indulgence by some but the time I spend online seeking out pieces that cater to my style is time well spent.

The pursuit of beautiful objects doesn’t dull the senses, in my view it heightens them.

So aesthetes, go forth and browse. Be true to yourself, be selective, and make a creative space that makes you feel…like you’re home. To quote the perennial Iris Apfel, “Great personal style is an extreme curiosity about yourself.”

Get inspired with these ideas.

Check out these creative spaces from our Pinterest board
‘Space to Create’.


Photo by Sara Landstedt | Styling Johanna Pilfalk & Plaza interiör



By Atmosphere Interior Design; D&M Images



Courtesy Jen Ramos.

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