Do you Hygge? Why introverts are already experts

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Once again, introverts are showing the world they are ahead of the curve. Hot on the heels of the unnecessarily glamorized I’m-so-busy-I’m-exhausted-and-therefore-more-important-than-you era, there is Hygge.

2016 has been the year of Hygge, and with the US election likely to be a massive talking point over the holidays, we could all do with adopting Hygge immediately. You know, for sanity’s sake.

If you’re not familiar with Hygge, here is a useful video.

Introverts will already know this – we have long championed the psychological and physical benefits of a quiet, cozy, thoughtful life. We just didn’t know it had a Scandinavian name.

If Hygge can teach non-introverts anything it’s the sense of calm and complete comfort that awaits when you mindfully combine soft furnishings, a glass of wine, wool sweaters, and a fireplace you can gaze thoughtfully into.

Introverts are more likely to consciously appreciate the pleasures derived from simple comforts that others might miss. We love being home, in a quiet space of our own creation. 

Already expert introvert practitioners of Hygge take it to the next level. Not content with flannel pajamas, these Hyggers splash out on silk and cashmere ‘bed suits’. No ordinary scented candles for these guys either. Why would you when you can Hygge with a Fornasetti La Chiave Nero Diffusing Sphere?

If you have Hygge-d for some time now, you may no longer be content with pumpkin-spice flavored beverages, but prefer to sip Ladaurée Cocoa direct from Paris. You may also choose to slip your feet into a beautiful pair of Sanay1313 faux fur-trimmed velvet slippers.

Hygge-ing is not only for the home, workplaces are also getting Hygge makeovers. Sofas, squishy armchairs, and candles are making their way into the modern office. We’re not quite at the wearing-a-onesie-to-work stage but who knows? It could happen.

If it sounds like I’m making fun of Hygge, I’m really not. It’s just that we introverts already had this one in the bag.

Over to you! How do you Hygge? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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