The must-have backpacks for introverts!

The Stylish Introvert

When we introverts are out and about, we tend to rely on our headphone/ear buds, reading matter and digital devices to signal to the world that we are perfectly fine keeping ourselves to ourselves thank you very much.

You need a bag that can easily carry a medium-size book, a tablet/small laptop, and any small personal essentials.

If you’re going out and about, I recommend a backpack over a tote to carry your essentials. Comfort is the number one reason why I carry a backpack. I find after a couple of hours lugging a tote around on one shoulder, my back starts to feel it. A backpack evens up the load across your shoulders and back and keeps your hands free for coffee and your phone.

Personally, I LOVE a stylish backpack so without further ado, here are my picks of the current seasons backpacks.

Find one you LOVE and must have? Simply click on the image and you’ll be taken to the store selling that item. ¬†Happy backpacking!

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