Who are the new introverted influencers?

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Who are the ‘new’ introverted influencers that have recently informed our culture? This new breed of influencer is happy to admit they are introverted, and such is the omnipresent nature of the media industry, they have more reach and influence than ever. It is heartening to see introversion discussed in the context of very public lives and in mainstream media.

Read through the list, and let me know your thoughts. Any surprises?

Amy Schumer
“My last job was sorting mail. I worked in an office building and I would get two bags of mail and I would put them in the right mailboxes for people in the office. I’m an introvert, believe it or not, so I liked this just because I didn’t have to talk to anybody,” she says. “It was just me and the mail.” – Yen Magazine, 22 September 2015

Alessia Cara
On her song ‘Here’, which touches on introversion, “It’s based on a true story! I went to a party a year-and-a-half ago or two years ago, and I felt really uncomfortable. I didn’t realize why I was there or what I was doing there, or how to interact with people. Those things wouldn’t get out of my head, so the next day I had a studio session with a producer and we were just writing songs. I just thought we should write about it because it isn’t a topic that is touched upon too much. I thought we should just write a song about it.” Coup de Main Magazine, 16 July 2015

Kendrick Lamar
On being a role model. “It’s still a work in progress. Perfect example: Going out to the [Compton Christmas Parade, where he served as grand marshal] and seeing these kids’ eyes light up. I’m looking at them like, man, I was one of y’all before. The more I get to see it visually and hear their words, the more it helps me aspire to inspire. Every time I think about that, it gets me out of my own selfish ways. It’s not just for me. It’s for these kids out here that hang on to these words. They’re more dependent on me saying the next thing and seeing my face than I’m consumed with being an introvert.” The New York Times, December 29, 2015

Kendall Jenner
“Well, it’s not that I didn’t have that much to say – I just kept it to myself. When I think something, I don’t usually say it, which is fine. It’s more that I’m introverted. I never had anxiety about it. I knew it was part of who I am and I owned it.” People, February 16, 2016.

Dakota Fanning
“At first, I’m definitely more of an introverted person. I like to observe and get a feel for who people are and what a situation is like before opening up. I think I’m a little bit of both. My closest friends would probably say I’m crazy, but people might consider me shy. There’s a lot going on inside, but I’m not afraid. And, I’m definitely not shy.” Refinery 29, July 25, 2014

Tom Hardy
“I keep a small social circle. A very small social circle. I know how to have small talk at parties when I need to, but I’m much happier by myself.” He’s an introvert, he says, and it might be the least surprising bit of trivia about Tom Hardy. Better to observe people. “But you don’t judge,” he clarifies. Sharp Magazine, November 25, 2015.

Wendy Williams
“After I do this show and all the things the show entails, whether that’s staying after for interviews, or hosting a gala, or attending a gala, I go home. I mean, it’s a very glamorous life, and I love it, but I’m an introvert and I need this life to pull me out of my shell. I need private time in order to be out.” Refinery 29, December 15 2014

Emma Watson
“The truth is that I’m genuinely a shy, socially awkward, introverted person. At a big party, I’m like Bambie in the headlights. It’s too much stimulation for me, which is why I end up going to the bathroom! I need time outs! You’ve seen me at parties, Derek. I get anxious. I’m terrible at small talk and I have a ridiculously short attention span.” Wonderland, February 2014

Kit Harington

“I’m not a natural salesman. I’m not good at that. I’m kind of a bumbling English buffoon at times. I’ve always felt introverted in many ways, I think that’s why there was something [the producers] liked about me for Jon Snow.” Entertainment Weekly, May 5, 2016

“It’s been a very steep learning curve. By nature I’m an awkward person, I’m a gangly introvert. I feel my duty is to make music. And then you get into this whole malarkey.” The Telegraph, November 30, 2014

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