Stylish sneakers that make a statement

The Stylish Introvert

I’m not a person who exercises regularly but I definitely have a sneaker obsession. To clarify – embellished, glittery, suede, and printed sneakers.

No dull-as-ditchwater athletic sneakers for me, I want the all-out, stand-out pair that gets a sneaky (no pun intended) glance from people.

There are so many gorgeous sneakers available at the moment and I couldn’t resist putting together a compilation of my favourites. I hope you find a pair you adore as much as I do!

Find a pair you love and must have? Simply click on the image and you’ll be directed to the store selling that item. Enjoy!

Here are my absolute favorites right now – FYI I just bought the Puma black suede sneakers with the gold toe caps!

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