11 ways to thrill an introvert

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Given introverts like to play their cards pretty close to their chests, it is sometimes difficult to work out what they love and get excited by. There are actually some very simple and effective ways to thrill an introvert – some of them might be surprising…

When you can text/email to organise something instead of talk on the phone.
Yes, I know I need a new air conditioner before the one I have explodes but surely giving me a quote by email isn’t difficult, if not preferable? My doctor only requires a Y/N response via text to confirm an appointment and she’s managing my health! Pffft.

A long haul flight.
It’s the idea of no one being able to phone, tweet, email, Skype, or text you. You have fifteen entire hours to yourself to sleep and indulge in some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Side note – on one occasion the person next to me wondered if I had died I was so still and quiet.

A truly meaningful conversation.
This is well known among introverts. No small talk, we want the BIG stuff like life, art, philosophy, the universe, and the complete Tom Hardy filmography.

Book and magazine shopping.
Right? If you love and appreciate printed material then this will resonate with you. There’s something about a newsagents with a plethora of glossy (and not-so-glossy) magazines to choose from. Same with a bookstore that has a liberal browsing policy. Love it.

Wanting to take a class and finding out there’s an online option.
Yes! No group projects which means I can work at my own pace, and not have to check in with multiple people as to my progress on my part of the project. Plus, I don’t take feedback well. I’m kidding. Sort of.

Coming home to a quiet house.
If your home is your sanctuary this is where it’s at. You have volume control at all times, and you don’t necessarily have to verbally communicate. Your loved ones understand what you mean when you simply hug them.

Quiet bars with subdued lighting and tinkly piano music playing softly in the background.
Please, give me this over a strobe-lit, thudding music nightmare any night of the week. Sit me in a well-cushioned corner or at the bar and that makes for ‘Hey, I’m out of my house and I’m loving it’ bliss.

When social events get cancelled.
It sounds awful I know, but it really isn’t personal. If you knew the amount of mental preparation that goes into attending a social event you’d understand that a cancellation is like winning the lottery.

Having a solid block of time to spend doing something you enjoy.
If you spend most of your week on someone else’s schedule then this will absolutely appeal to you. It’s not just about having control over your own time, it’s about being able to immerse yourself into something like a book, a Netflix marathon, drawing, or writing.

Non-allocated seating at the cinema.
Why does this seem like a luxury these days?

Going for a solitary stroll.
Is it just me or is walking in winter or when it’s raining a truly wonderful experience? I think it’s because it’s a multi-sensory experience that isn’t draining, but restorative.

Over to you! If you’re an introvert, what thrills you? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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